A Parting Gift

You don’t have to spend a bundle to give a good gift. There are lots of things, say, under a couple of hundred dollars. Use your imagination. Most of the time I don’t even spend that—not on a library worker’s salary, which isn’t the highest. But when it came time to chip in for a watch for my boss, I forked over a whopping $50. We were pooling our resources and there aren’t many of us, so all we could collect was just under $200. Was it going to be possible to get a nice model for this amount? I started to search the Web. He was retiring and I wanted something that was long lasting, reliable, and attractive. I decided on gold tone as these watches look elegant. I could have selected a sports watch, but I knew he had one. You can get a lot of the best mens watches for under $200 online, at least when it comes to fashion watches. The gold tone watches were made by reputable companies like Movado and Burberry. They are sold in high-end department stores and many sites online. I compared prices and went for the best buy. No one in our worker’s group objected. My boss’s parting gift would be quite appropriate because I selected good design and functionality.

We all planned a party at which time we would bestow the gift. At first I thought one gift seemed meagre, but we could do better as a group. We would have the event after work in the back lounge where there is a large table. We would lay out various pot luck dishes and desserts, including a retirement cake. We would bring a camera and upload the photos on Instagram under the library’s account. Thus, we would document his day so he could remember where he had worked for so many years.

A watch is the most classic retirement gift I know of. It is corny and symbolic, but it is just right for the occasion. We wanted our boss to think of us in the future and remember the good times we had in the library. It is a fun place to work because the atmosphere is relaxed and casual. You are always helping people find what they need—even very obscure information. Now it was time for him to leave us and we would have a new boss, someone promoted from within. One day she would get a gold watch as well.

The party was a roaring success and the photos showed the many happy faces. The employees at the library love to celebrate our milestones, be they birthdays, anniversaries, marriages, or retirement. We are a close bunch that has shared many meaningful occasions. What is your work environment like? Not all are as warm and cordial as mine. This was another big day for one of us and my boss would be leaving in style—wearing his new watch, of course. He didn’t seem to notice that it wasn’t real gold because he loved the design.