Monthly Newsletter Time Again!

I have a recurring job that I truly love, because it publicizes news about books in the library. It is a labor of love, but surely not a chore at all. It is a task that rolls around every month that requires my time and concentration. I put together the best items of interest in one publication, staple it, and send it off by snail mail. It’s as easy as pie.

There is much to tell in the world of reading and the sphere of books. New offerings are always coming out to tempt diehard readers to pick up yet another tome or to go online and download. I prefer to give people something concrete and tangible they can put in their hands and peruse at their leisure. I want them to keep it around. With information about the latest happenings in the reading world at your fingertips, you can choose your favorite method of indulgence from a mystery novel and historical fiction to travel or romance. For me, once I start a good book, I can’t put it down (or turn it off as the case may be). The way you read is insignificant compared to the enjoyment attained.

I mentioned the stapler and I want to give a shout out right now to this handy device without which the newsletter would not be a complete finished product. This tool keeps all the pages intact as well as my mind. In minutes it does it binding job efficiently, saving me valuable time (better used for scouting new material), and of course my arm. Why my arm you ask? Because my trusty companion is electric. It is the latest, greatest model to boot.

An electric stapler is nothing new, of course, but few people have them around at home or in their desks unless you are at work in the utility room, and then it is shared amongst many. You have to wait your turn as a rule. Plus, most copy machines will collate and staple on their own. When I prepare my newsletter, I don’t do it that modern way—although it isn’t a bad idea. I print everything out and assemble the newsletters as I go. This way I can have black and white plus color page inserts and not stress my reproduction budget. It is a manual job, but with the stapler, it is a breeze. The best part is that I have my very own device.

Electric staplers come in different sizes, albeit the shape is pretty standard. Some are for basic jobs and some are for very heavy duty work. Mine is somewhere in between. You place your pages neatly between the metal jaws and press down gently on the smooth plastic top. No need to exert your muscles! With the old hand models, you often had to weigh down heavily to get just one staple in place. With the new version, in no time you have done one hundred sets, and you are done! No arm cramps in sight.

I wouldn’t be able to send out the library newsletter without this kind of masterful help. Whoever invented it gets kudos. There are now electric three-hole punches, perforation machines, and paper cutters as well. With the stapler, it is no longer a thankless task to provide a quality newsletter in minutes.