New Shoes!

I assume you wouldn’t get excited about me getting new nursing shoes. Am I right? They are pretty boring as work shoes go. I knew you have seen them. They are not particularly stylish. They are more basic than anything else with a solid sole and some inner lining. But ask any nurse on her feet for a shift or more at a time, and she will tell you that they are a godsend. Getting a comfortable, soft pair of shoes for work is my idea of heaven because I have problem areas. A well-constructed shoe made just for the nursing profession can make the difference between what seems like an inordinately long day and a normal one. The leather is practically broken in. Yes, a normal person can certainly buy a popular choice of nursing shoes because they are designed for sore feet like me. Some of us have no real choice. We can’t wear street shoes and go home without some pain. And if you have a bunion, you need a special-fitting style.

Nursing shoes do not cost more or less than regular shoes and you can get them on line. They come in virtually all sizes and widths—a feature that is super important. A good fit is not always found with regular shoes as they are limited to the basic sizes. Most nurses nowadays wear a form of sneakers or athletic shoe which would not be suitable for me at work. So I have opted for a designer look for a few more dollars that resembles a street shoe with more support. Having tried every pad in the Dr. Scholl’s aisle at the drugstore, I gave up long ago fixing my old shoes and making them work. I work in a nice office and the one time I came in tennis shoes, I was teased a lot. I vowed that it would be only that one time. I tried to explain to colleagues about bad feet but got little sympathy for the most part.

What I like about some nurses shoes is that they are slip on and slip resistant if you have a tendency to lose your balance. They come in colors to match nursing uniforms and scrubs so you have a lot of nice choices beyond beige, black, and brown. I find that the lack of a strap over my arch is nice since my arch is on the high side and the top of my food gets really swollen. People are used to seeing me in this form of nurses’ clog and I have almost started a trend at the office. People ask about where I found them and I have seen a few copycat looks lurking around the accounting department. I think I have solved my problem and that of a few others with similar bad feet. Our boss was sick and tired of all the complaining anyway and isn’t about to say a word about the rather casual attire that has suddenly become popular.