Oddly Romantic Gift?

If my boyfriend would ask me, I would tell him what to get me for my birthday, Christmas, or Valentine’s Day. However, he has a mind of his own. Sometimes he comes up with the oddest things he thinks are romantic gifts. They traditionally are not. Consider the following story.

While working in the library on a normal day, my boyfriend happened to be on premises one afternoon. He was sitting at a large wooden table with his laptop open in front of him. Did he want me to see him? I have no doubt! Nonetheless, he was engrossed in some online research and I was dying to know all about it. In retrospect he was looking up an item he wanted to give me for a gift. Perhaps he hoped I would take a peek and make my own selection. It didn’t happen.

A few days later, he took me to dinner for my birthday and presented me with a rather large and heavy box, dutifully but not elegantly wrapped. Was I surprised. It was a concealed carry weapon holster made for women. I guess that means it was a little smaller to carry a modest-sized pistol a lady would be likely to carry on her person. But wait, there’s more! Inside the holder was a gun!

Yes, he said, he had researched it in front of me in order to get inspiration about what would be right for me. He was worried about a rash of burglaries in the neighborhood and felt it was time for some self- protection. Mmmm. I didn’t walk home in the dark from the library and robberies were not likely in a place that did not do transactions with money. No matter, he said, it was time. You never know when or where a threat will transpire and you had to be ready.

Okay. I was game. The holster, after all, was particularly nice. All leather with some heavy stitching and a rivet or two for show. I could immediately see, upon examining some nice etched scrollwork, that female gun carriers do require carry options that are quite distinct from those for men. For one thing, apart from the taste for decoration, women’s bodies are a different shape, and what is comfortable on a lady may not be on a man.

A concealed holster is a unique animal and must have an appropriate design. I see that my boyfriend had got it just right in terms of both comfort and concealment. Someone had done a lot of research in this area. He said that the set he selected had been endorsed by thousands of female shooters and gun carriers and he felt particularly satisfied with his choice.

The holster by the way had a nice leather matching belt so you could wear it around the waist and position the gun to your side for concealment. To me this is preferable to an ankle band or mock purse. As startled as I was at the gift, it was practical and useful; plus, it made me feel super safe.