Simple Joy of Creating Things

What better way to get back to posting than an episode of Simple Joys. On today’s episode of the simple joys, we feature the sewing machine. Using a sewing machine is one of the most traditional ways of creating things because the concept of sewing is still the same, even after the rise of technology. Whether you use your hands to sew or a machine, the joy is always the same. Once you lift the final product from the table to take a better look at what you created, the feeling cannot be explained.

When you are at home and have nothing to do, you can take up a new sewing hobby. I know most of you will say that it’s boring or for older people, but there is a soothing and calming feeling that comes with using a sewing machine.

Whether you are a professional or an amateur, there is something for all of you. After all, no one started as an expert in sewing; they all started new to it, made their way to the top, and made clothes for them and public consumption.

When I talk about sewing, people’s minds immediately think about making clothes, but there are many more you can do with a sewing machine. Sure, clothes are the most common things to make using sewing machines, but people also make blankets and quilts.

Imagine making your clothes without spending money at the mall only to find you could have made it yourself.

Another fantastic thing about sewing is that buying your fabric is cheaper than having to buy clothes from the mall. When sewing your clothes, you always have your size in mind, which is not the case when it comes to you go to buy clothes in stores. More often than not, many people do not get their size when they are at stores, especially the petite and the plus size. Having and learning to use a sewing machine can cut on the stress of going to buy something only to find out, it is not available in your size, sad, honestly.

The biggest joy about a sewing machine is looking at your piece in action, whether a piece of clothing on a person or you or a mat on the floor or curtains on the windows, having to say I made that, brings you immense joy. The same way fashion designers look at their clothes on the runway and cry when they see how beautifully they turned out to look or feel against your skin. Because you gave up time and money and many mistakes along the way and way too many pricks to your hands, the result is always overwhelming, especially if you had to go a lot to get it done.

I love hosting people over, and I love showing them the things I have made, they are my friends and have good things to say, getting appreciated by other people feels terrific. Sure we are always told that the only appreciation that matters is from yourself, but there is something special about other people appreciating your work; it boosts your morale, and you want to create more stuff.

Sewing works for me because it calms nerves, and it can also work for you. You only need patience. Skill is not that important when starting, and you can learn the skill as you go along, so try it out, I promise the feeling of seeing your creation is worth every tiny prick of that needle.