Take Another Look at Our Periodicals!

People don’t know half of what you can find in a library. They depend too much on other sources and what is recommended to them by word of mouth. Let me tell you that there isn’t anything you can’t find. We have many visitors who ask for consumer reviews of products they want to buy and we carry dozens of magazines to accommodate them. You can research in a few minutes and get started on your purchasing journey.

Imagine one day when a patron wanted information on buying a quality hot tub at a respectable price. Why not just go to the vendor? He wanted “evidence” as found in consumer reviews of hot tubs. I can certainly understand that. When you are about to make a big purchase, you want to read about the features and benefits and a testimonial or two. I led him to just the right place. The library is super organized and it takes no time at all to find what you are looking form. Let’s never talk about libraries being obsolete and the Internet being the information resource of preference. There are things you just can’t find on line.

So we searched through the magazines and found this description of the ideal hot tub. The issue is whether the patron would be able to order the exact one that corresponds to this description. He wanted an attractive modern design with beautiful LED exterior lighting and a waterfall effect where water spills over the side. He wanted durability, top flight construction, and a floating effect that minimizes contact with the ground.

Exclusive Moto-Massage®DX

The original moving jet, now updated to provide not one, but two powerful water streams sweeping up and down the length of your back.

Wireless remote control

Adjust spa functions, such as lighting and music, while you’re in the spa or from up to 30 feet away. Then, rest the remote safely in its bar top docking station.

Exceptional filtration

Tri-X/No bypass filtration—a Highlife exclusive: 325 sq. feet of effective filtration area is matched to the power of the jet pumps, so 100% of the water passes through the filters 100% of the time. Plus, dishwasher-safe Tri-X filters come standard.

Energy efficiency

Multi-layer foam insulation means heat stays in, making HotSpring Highlife spas among the most energy efficient you can own.

After making this information his checklist, the patron started to research stores that sell this brand. I told him to allow for at least two or three choices in case the price was too high on his preferred model. We took another look at the consumer reviews to see if they had comparisons in addition to the hot tub featured as “your best bet.” I also recommend side by side reviews. We then found some stores in the area that can order the right hot tub as they had only a demo model. It would only take a month and it would be up and running in his back yard.